There’s More than One Way to Grill a Potato

Lemon Dill Potato Salad

Little Havana Grilled and Potato SaladOne of the reason Wisconsin potatoes are a favorite across the nation is their versatility — potatoes are simple to prepare and pack a lot of nutritional punch.

One of the more common ways to grill potatoes is to simply place them in tinfoil, toss in a variety of your favorite vegetables, a tasty protein, fresh herbs and olive oil — then set them on the grill. This method works well when at home or camping — and it’s an easy clean up.

But there’s another grilling method worth trying. If you struggle with getting the potatoes done on the inside before they’re really browned on the outside, try par-boiling (par-cooking) the potatoes prior to grilling. Simply simmer the sliced potatoes until they are nearly cooked; then drain. Doing so will cut down on your grilling time — all you have to do is sear them on the grill until they’re a golden brown. If you use this method, put the potatoes on as you finish grilling your meats. This method is best for potatoes that tend to be more dense — like red potatoes or Yukon Golds.

Try these delicious recipes the next time you want to grill Wisconsin potatoes:

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