Potato and Vegetable Statistics

The Stats Are In

Wisconsin Wins

Although it’s known as “America’s Dairyland,” many people don’t realize the state of Wisconsin is also among the nation’s leaders in the production of potatoes and vegetables.

In addition to leading the nation in the production of cranberries and ginseng, Wisconsin also consistently leads the nation in the production of snap beans for processing, with over 40% of the nation’s crop coming from the Badger State.

Wisconsin also ranks first in the U.S. in the production of cabbage for kraut and beets for canning. Wisconsin has large acreages of processing vegetables such as green peas (second in the US), sweet corn (third in the US), cucumbers (fourth in the US) and carrots (fifth in the US).

Overall, Wisconsin ranks second in the nation for the production of processing vegetables, whether one uses planted acreage, total production, or farm gate value. In terms of potato production, Wisconsin consistently ranks third in the country behind Idaho and Washington.


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