Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association

Wisconsin Potato Varieties

They say variety is the spice of life, we couldn’t agree more. We grow potatoes for baking, mashing, roasting, chipping, microwaving, steaming, slow cooking, grilling, frying and even blanching. Get to know our wonderful varieties, shapes, colors, textures and tastes.


Russet Potatoes

Best for: Baked, Deep Fried, Mashed

Available: Year Round

Looking for the ideal baked potato? Then look to the Wisconsin Russet potato. The high starch content and dry, mealy texture of this brown potato make for a light and fluffy baked potato, creamy mashed potatoes and a crispy, yet tender, French fry.

Blue and Purple

Blue and Purple Potatoes

Best for: Au Gratin, Boiled, Fried, Mashed, Roasted, Salads, Steamed or in Stews

Available: Fall

Originally from South America, these potatoes are now popular in the U.S. Primarily available in the fall, they certainly add color to your favorite dish, and a subtle nutty flavor. Want to keep that pretty dark blue or lavender flesh colorful? Microwaving preserves the color best. Try them steamed or baked as well.

Yellow Flesh

Yellow Potatoes

Best for: Au Gratin, Boiled, Grilled, Mashed, Roasted or Steamed

Available: Late Summer - Early Spring

With their dense, creamy texture and golden flesh color, these rich Wisconsin Yellow Flesh potatoes have a just-buttered appearance. Yellow Flesh potatoes from Wisconsin are available starting in late summer through early spring — and are best prepared as a baked, mashed or roasted potato.

Round White

White Potatoes

Best for: Boiled, Fried, Mashed or Roasted

Available: Year Round

Mashed potatoes, gratins, soups, salads, scalloped, casseroles, roasted — the Wisconsin round white potato can do it all. Available year round and with a light tan skin and white flesh, the white potato can grace your dinner table during any season.

Round Red

Red Potatoes

Best for: Au Gratin, Boiled, Grilled, Roasted, Salads or in Stews

Available: Late Summer - Early Fall

Rosy-skinned and white-fleshed, Wisconsin Round Red potatoes have a firm, smooth, and moist texture, making them well-suited for salads, roasting, boiling, and steaming. Enjoy them while you can —they’re harvested in late summer and early fall and are available until the following summer.


Fingerling Potatoes

Best for: Boiled, Baked, Roasted or Steamed

Available: Fall

Waxy, firm, colorful and flavorful — fingerlings have a finger-like shape. Their smaller size and thin skins make them quick to prepare. Fingerlings are harvested in September and October and are available throughout the year.


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