Field to Fork

From field to fork.

Our food chain has a purpose.

Not only does our food chain have a purpose, it also has a conscience. Our growers are committed to providing American families, restaurants and institutions with the highest quality potatoes on earth. In order to succeed with this ambitious goal, Wisconsin growers understand the significance that superior agricultural practices have on the land and on the crop. They are comprehensively trained in food safety and produce traceability initiatives, and attend regional, national and international education conferences to keep current on the science of agriculture.

Our growers do all of this because they have a conscience. They live and work by way of a “do the right thing” approach to agriculture. They don’t take short cuts and they have the deepest respect for the land they farm. In the end, that respect finds its way to dining tables across America.

They're in the Field

Meet the Growers

Wisconsin potato growers aren’t just fine stewards of the land, they’re also stewards of food safety, produce traceability, sustainable agricultural practices, and, oh yes, they sure know how to put America’s best potatoes on the plates of American families. Meet our growers.

From the ground up. A commitment to sustainability.

Wisconsin potato growers have been committed to great agricultural practices for decades. As stewards of the land, they must keep Wisconsin’s fertile soil in top condition not simply because their livelihood depends on it, but the health and nutrition of each potato they grow must meet their exacting quality standards.

Eyes on Associates

Committed to Supporting Agriculture

Not everyone who supports Wisconsin agriculture works in the field. Businesses and organizations that specialize in manufacturing, distribution, transportation, insurance, packaging, construction, and consulting, to name a few, play a vital role in aiding and sustaining Wisconsin potato growers, thereby contributing to the industry’s success.

From the Fork

Masterful Chefs

What we believe in is ‘the Slow Food Movement’.  When my husband Glenn and I opened our restaurant, The Back When Cafe, in 1991, we were aiming to be everything fast food wasn’t.  Our commitment was to buy local as much as possible, cook food that was good for you, while supporting the local farmers, and their use of sustainable methods, which in turn would be good for the planet.  Our menu is pure and simple, using only the most fresh and natural ingredients, with some innovative twists, and an accent on Mediterranean and French.

— Chef Jolene Lucci

Kids Dig Wisconsin Potatoes.

Yes they do and so do teachers. Kids Dig Wisconsin Potatoes is an interactive teaching program utilizing math, writing, social studies and science to teach students about the Wisconsin potato industry. To learn more, visit the Kids Dig Wisconsin Potatoes website.