Meet Russell Wysocki

Russell Wysocki

RPE has been around since the ’60s. Started by the Wysocki brothers, RPE continues to be a family business — and one that holds itself to a higher standard as both a Healthy Grown® grower and shipper (Healthy Grown shippers must be certified annually).

Why bother with the extra work involved with sustainability? Answers Russell, “We’re stewards of the land — and this is our opportunity to do good things for the land and good things for the industry.” In fact, Russell feels Healthy Grown can be an impetus for good things to come. “Sustainable farming is a great niche in the market. It improves Wisconsin’s image and we hope it will inspire other states to follow suit.”

Asked what Healthy Grown had done for him as a grower, Russell concluded, “It really has bridged the gap between environmental and farming issues.”





Reds, Russets, Yellow/Gold, Whites, Specialties, Fingerlings, Sweet Potatoes, Organics

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