Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association

Our beauty is more than skin deep.

Purple potatoes

Wisconsin potatoes are beautiful through and through. On the outside our skins can be colorful and lively, and on the inside, they are beautifully enriched with nutritious vitamins, potassium, copper, manganese, phosphorous, niacin, fiber and pantothenic acids. Plus, they are low in calories and are gluten free. How can you top that? Well, you can with other vegetables and loads of other ingredients that can turn your Wisconsin Potato into a gourmet meal.
However, not all potatoes are created equally. Always ask your grocer for Wisconsin Potatoes. And if you’re living and eating in the Midwest, remember to buy Wisconsin Potatoes; food miles have a tremendous impact on the environment – and on your budget – so buy close to home.
Wisconsin is also the home to the Healthy Grown® Brand of potatoes, the only potato of its kind to be grown utilizing best practices in integrated pest management and water conservation. That’s how far our Wisconsin growers will go to protect the environment. Bon Appetit.

Potato Varieties and Usage


So many varieties, so many temptations. You’ll love Wisconsin Potatoes in whatever variety you choose.

Variety is the spice of life

Sustainability & Stewardship


Wisconsin potato growers are incredible stewards of the land, they have been for generations and they will be for generations.

Stewards of the Land

Healthy Grown®

It’s the only potato in the United States that carries the Healthy Grown® seal of approval from Protective Harvest.

One of a kind

Growing Map

All around the great state of Wisconsin, potato planting and harvesting takes place. It really is a statewide effort.

The origin of goodness

Wisconsin Vegetable Statistics

Potatoes and other vegetables

We’re not just the third largest producing potato state in the country, we rank #2 in the production of vegetables in the U.S.

Numbers you can really crunch