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Two-thirds of U.S. land is privately-owned — and the majority of that land is used for agriculture. So we understand that what we do on our farms impacts the world around us.

That’s why, in the early 90’s, the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association (WPVGA) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison began looking at ways to advance the industry’s conservation and sustainability standards. In 1996, WPVGA partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and later joined forces with the International Crane Foundation (ICF), and the Defenders of Wildlife to establish the Wisconsin Eco-Potato partnership. The result was a new brand launched in 2002 and a sustainable standard for growing potatoes — Healthy Grown®.

Our Healthy Grown sustainable farmers work with ecologists, conservationists and University of Wisconsin researchers to utilize and find better, integrated pest management and invasive plants, restore natural ecosystems, prevent erosion, support native plants and animals, conserve quality water and improve production.

And we can demonstrate our sustainability — every one of our Healthy Grown farms is certified by an independent oversight organization each year. It ensures our Healthy Grown growers pass annual whole-farm audits, and that all our packers and shippers maintain sustainability standards.

Better yet? We’re always learning something new and how to do it better. That benefits every one of us and the planet we live on.

Wisconsin Healthy Grown Potatoes

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