Meet Larry Alsum

Grower in field

Larry was raised on a family-owned dairy farm in Wisconsin — so you’d think farming would have been a natural career choice for Larry. In fact, it wasn’t. After completing college he set off on his own and became a CPA.

Enter a series of life-changing events — events that brought Larry back to agriculture and a partnership in a small produce business that repackaged potatoes and onions. By 1989 he was joint-owner of a farm. By 1992 he had started the 750-acre Alsum Farms.

Now, responsible for 3,000 acres, Larry is a devotee of sustainable farming. “As I became more involved in farming, I realized that the decisions we made as farmers were intricately linked to the environment beyond our farms,” he notes.

Being a sustainable farmer isn’t easy, but Larry wouldn’t have it any other way. “You know, it’s a great learning opportunity. Being part of Healthy Grown® has really helped me understand what I’m doing as a farmer, why I’m doing what I’m doing, and the impact my decisions have on the environment and people who work with me.”


Friesland, WI


3,000 acres


Russet, Red, White, Golden, Fingerling, Specialty and Organic Potatoes, Pumpkins and Alfalfa hay

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