Wisconsin Potato and Spring Vegetables Recipes

Pexels Potatoes

Happy First Day of Spring! Depending on where you live, it may still look like winter outside of your window. We have a way you can bring a taste of spring inside — delicious recipes featuring Wisconsin potatoes and spring vegetables.

But first, let’s start with the health benefits of some of the most popular spring vegetables.

Artichokes — Offer fiber and a decent amount of vitamin C, potassium and folate. When buying artichokes, choose those with green, plump, compact heads. Did you know that brown spots on the artichoke scales mean the artichoke has experienced some frost and thus will have a better flavor?

Asparagus — Enjoy plenty of asparagus! There’s only 4 calories per stalk and it’s packed with folate, potassium and fiber. If you’re looking for more flavor, choose the tender, fat stalks and stay away from shriveled stalks whose buds are opening.

Peas — Delicious spring peas are rich with flavor and vitamin K, manganese, vitamin C, iron, fiber, vitamin B1 and folate. Grab the brightest peas and avoid those that have brown on the shells or dry, withered ends.

Early spring greens — Can’t get enough spring greens? Don’t worry, they’re virtually calorie-free. Two cups of spring greens equates to about 15 calories. They’re also rich in folate, vitamin C, fiber, potassium and  beta carotene. Choose the freshest, crispest, greenest greens you can find.

Now here’s a collection of some of our favorite Wisconsin potato and spring veggie recipes:

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