Meet Mark Finnessy

Mark Finnessy

At Okray Family Farms, Mark Finnessy continuously deals with all levels of the industry from processors to the public who ultimately consume the operation’s produce.

Okray Family Farms grows thousands of tons of vegetables a year, raised on over 7,500 acres including 1,800 acres of a wide assortment of potatoes: reds, whites, russets and yellows, grown for the fresh market.

Son of former Okray Family Farms’ President, Mike Finnessy, Mark has grown up in the 110-year old Okray Family Farms business, which is continually growing strong, not just in produce but also in management and principles as evidenced in their slogan, “A Growing Company.”

Like many other members of the Okray Family Farms’ management team, Mark is involved in the industry at both state and national levels and is currently representing Wisconsin on the National Potato Council’s Board of Directors.

Prior to becoming WPVGA Board President in 2016, Mark was active on the WPVGA Promotions Committee along with the Finance and Administration Committee.

He was also named “WPVGA Young Grower of the Year” in 2016, is a past participant of the Potato Industry Leadership Institute and regularly attends the NPC DC Fly-In, where growers meet with members of Congress and lobbyists on Capitol Hill.

Okray Family Farms is dedicated to agricultural policies and practices that conserve environmental resources, promote food safety, protect human health and preserve the family farm.

Okray Family Farms is a past recipient of the National Potato Council’s (NPC) and EPA’s Environmental Stewardship Award.

As a member of the UW’s Healthy Grown Potatoes program, Okray Family Farms demonstrated its commitment to stewardship of the land and protection of the shared environment while producing high-quality potatoes.

“I am thankful to be able to work in the Plover area and I try my best to give back to the community by participating in [area] events, fundraisers, and other activities. I feel you get back as much as you put in,” Mark says.






8,000 acres


Potatoes, Sweet Corn, Snap Beans, Peas, Field Corn, Soybeans, Cranberries, Grapes

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