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Looking for Sustainable Chip Potatoes? Wisconsin Has Them.

January 13th, 2012 | Posted in: Sustainable Farming

Love Wisconsin potatoes? Enjoy a tasty potato chip? Concerned about the future of our planet? Then let us introduce you to three of Wisconsin’s sustainable chip potato growers:

  • Jeremie Pavelski, Vice President and Co-Owner of Heartland Farms located in Hancock, Wisconsin. His family has been growing potatoes for over 150 years and Jeremie’s commitment to the environment stems from his family’s long farming history. Heartland Farms is one of the largest suppliers of chipping potatoes to Frito-Lay.
  • Brad Faldet, Owner/Operator/Vice President of Faldet Farms located in Iola, Wisconsin. A family farm, Faldet Farms is driven by Brad’s commitment to “do everything right.”
  • Michael Helbach, Managing Member of Helbach Farms located in Amherst, Wisconsin. Michael is committed to sustainability in the Central Sands region. “If we misuse land we’ll hurt ourselves in the long run and for generations to come.”

Our Wisconsin chip potato growers partner with University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) researchers, like AJ Bussan Associate Professor of the UW Department of Horticulture, to improve the efficiencies of their processes, discover progressive growing practices and maximize the quality of potatoes while minimizing water, fertilizer and pesticide use. Because of our central location and shorter delivery routes, Wisconsin potato growers also have a lower carbon footprint.

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