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If You’re a Runner, It’s Time to Try Potatoes

January 19th, 2011 | Posted in: Health & Nutrition, Recipes

Think potatoes will slow you down? Think again. The Spud Report in Runner’s Magazine details just how beneficial taters can be for runners. The top benefits?

  • A nutrient-rich veggie that replenishes the carbs you need — 10 percent of most runners daily needs.
  • A great source of fiber that can help you maintain a slim waist and low body fat.
  • Faster recovery from your runs. Red and purple potatoes are especially rich in antioxidants that help you recover.
  • Better blood pressure and circulation. Potatoes are rich in potassium and calcium — which makes for a healthier heart and arteries.

Check out the great potato recipes in the Runner’s World article as well.

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