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How Does a Short Spring in Northern Wisconsin Affect Potato Growth?

June 28th, 2011 | Posted in: Growing Vegetables, News

One of the greatest challenges for any farmer is the weather. Here in northern and north central Wisconsin, we’ve had a long winter and short spring. According to the Wisconsin State Climatology Office, the temperatures in both regions have been below average for most of spring. And while this region saw an excess of rain in the early spring season, May saw lower than average levels of rain, followed by a significant rise in precipitation in June.

You might ask yourself — farmers can irrigate their crops, so why does rain matter? Well, as Adam Bula explains in this Newswatch 12 interview, rainwater is packed with beneficial nutrients.

In the Antigo region, where Tom Wild — President of the Wisconsin Potato Industry Board and owner of Wild Seed Farms, Inc. — grows seed potatoes, potato farmers are behind 1 – 2 weeks due to the weather. No worries, though, according to Tom. The June rains and sunshine can easily help the farmers “catch up.”

Take a look at how Wisconsin potato farmers work with the fickle Wisconsin weather.

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