Meet Chef Jolene Lucci

Chef Jolene Lucci

What we believe in is ‘the Slow Food Movement’.  When my husband Glenn and I opened our restaurant, The Back When Cafe, in 1991, we were aiming to be everything fast food wasn’t.  Our commitment was to buy local as much as possible, cook food that was good for you, while supporting the local farmers, and their use of sustainable methods, which in turn would be good for the planet.  Our menu is pure and simple, using only the most fresh and natural ingredients, with some innovative twists, and an accent on Mediterranean and French. — Chef Lucci

About Jolene
Chef Jolene Lucci was born and raised in the pacific northwest on one of the largest vegetable farms in Washington State. Like most chef’s, Jolene’s appreciation of fine food began when she was very young. Her major influences came from her parents and grandmother who cooked with only the freshest ingredients grown and harvested from the family farm. Her step-father who was a culinary arts instructor at California Culinary Academy taught Jolene the finer points of cooking and food preparation. And she has brought this family tradition to her restaurant kitchen, using only the freshest organic foods and herbs in every dish she prepares.

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