Meet Dale Warner

Dale Warner

The Warner family has invested 50 years and multiple generations delivering packaging across the nation. Beginning as a regional supplier to the agriculture industry in Central Wisconsin, Warner & Warner, Inc. has grown to serve all major markets across the United States.

The core business provides packaging to the food industry, so Warner & Warner’s priority is always food safety, but the family-run business is also committed to using the least amount of packaging possible to minimize impact on the environment.

Dale Warner, president and chief executive officer of Warner & Warner, Inc., of Plover, Wisconsin, says his father, Jay, and brother, Jay Jr., incorporated Warner & Warner in August 1989.

“After college, my dad, Jay, went to work for Bemis Bag Company, based out of Massachusetts,” Dale says. “He started working the plant floor, then customer service and eventually sales.”

“He traveled to various agricultural centers around the United States selling paper produce and dairy bags,” Dale relates.

“What he learned about paper packaging in those early years became the foundation for Warner & Warner, Inc.,” he explains.

Warner says the company is currently co-owned by himself, his brother, Jay, and Kurt Heiman.  “In 32 years,” he says, “we have grown from a regional produce packaging supply company to one that services hundreds of customers in over 35 states with multiple distributions centers.”

Warner & Warner, Inc. also has a connection with Jay-Mar, Inc., in Plover, which began in 1970, is run by Warner’s other brother, David. Today, the two companies are completely separate entities.

Warner has fond memories of both companies.

“At a young age, I would sweep floors at Jay-Mar. When old enough, I worked in the Jay-Mar warehouse, as well as drove delivery trucks. This was an important part of my development, as I learned a lot from my brother, Dave, on how to effectively manage products in and out of inventory, as well as all other facets that come from assisting in the management of a warehouse.”

Warner says he was then invited by his dad and brother to join Warner & Warner, Inc.

“It was a difficult decision to move away from Jay-Mar,” he says, “but at the same time, I was intrigued by the idea of working for a company that was a new startup. My first job at W&W was warehouse and inventory management. I learned the packaging business from loading dock to the front office, which, in my opinion, is a great way to develop a valuable skill set. I have performed every position that I ask my team to perform and believe this allows me to be relatable to all our valuable employees.”

It’s a skillset that has carried him through years of success in building valuable relationships.

“I’ve always maintained that it is important to treat and respect our manufacturing partners in the same manner with which we approach our customers. This belief has led to a tremendous number of high-quality relationships on both sides of the aisle across the country,” Warner says.

“I’m proud of our company’s sound business practices, high quality of customer service and on-time delivery. I’m proud of how we conduct ourselves when things don’t go as planned. We work hard to quickly resolve negatives and turn them into positives. Lastly, I am proud of the success W&W has enjoyed—steady growth every year since our inception, which is a key indicator of a healthy business model.”

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