Fuel Up for Fun in the Sun

Pexels Potatoes

Tis the season of outdoor sporting events — from soccer and lacrosse, to triathlons and swimming. Those activities require plenty of energy — so why not fuel up with potatoes?

  • White potatoes are the largest and most affordable source of potassium of any vegetable or fruit. Potassium plays an important role in brain, kidney and heart function, cardiovascular health, maintaining blood sugar levels and healthy blood pressure. As an electrolyte, potassium helps regulate body fluid levels. It also helps to prevent muscle cramps, to build strong muscles and ensure that energy is efficiently used by your muscles.
  • Potatoes improve your circulation. The average potato provides 614 mg of potassium and 35% of your daily vitamin C needs. Both potassium and Vitamin C can help improve circulation and blood pressure.
  • Wisconsin potatoes have 37 grams of carbohydrates, providing athletes with about 10% of the carbs they need for game or race time. Potatoes also help replenish glycogen to keep you going.
  • Potatoes are rich in fiber and help keep your digestive tract healthy promoting the healthy removal of wastes. This can also help reduce body fat.
  • And potatoes help you recover from exercise. No matter what you’re doing outdoors, to stay healthy you have to allow your body time to recover. Foods rich in antioxidants help tissues recover. Red and purple potatoes are perfect because they are especially rich in antioxidants.

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