Do you know how to store your potatoes?

Pexels Potatoes

How you store your potatoes does matter — really. While potatoes are very versatile, easy to make and easy to store — they do have a very few specific storage requirements.

Here are a few key things to remember when storing your fresh potatoes.

  • Always store potatoes in a cool, well ventilated place. A dark pantry — away from warm kitchen appliances — is usually an excellent choice.
  • Do not store your potatoes in the refrigerator. When a potato is stored in tempers below 50 degrees, the potato’s starch will convert to sugar. The result? A sweet and discolored potato.
  • Do not store your potatoes in areas that get warm — such as next to your refrigerator, your oven/stove or under the kitchen sink.
  • Counter tops are not good places to store potatoes. Sunlight can cause your potatoes to turn green because of a build up of Solanine. This can make your potatoes taste bitter. If you do notice some green spots, simply cut them off before preparing the potato.
  • Sunlight can also cause your potatoes to sprout (because they’re trying to grow). If you do find a few sprouts, cut them off before preparing the potato.
  • Do not wash your potatoes until right before you prepare them. A damp stored potato can easily spoil.
  • Extend the life of your potatoes by storing them in paper bags or plastic bags that have holes cut into them.

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