Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association

The WPVGA is Making a Difference

About Wisconsin potatoesRanked third in the nation for potato production, and number one east of the Mississippi, our 140 growers work together to provide the best Wisconsin potatoes and vegetables for consumers. To that end, we established the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association in 1948. Headquartered in Antigo, Wisconsin, we help our growers conduct and utilize the latest research and technologies, garner government support, produce environmentally-sound research and stay in touch with consumers.

We also support the Wisconsin Healthy Grown™ initiative — sustainable farming that uses environmentally sound crop inputs, integrated pest management techniques and promotes the conservation of water, resources and Wisconsin’s native ecosystems.



Spudly Mashes

Spudly sure knows how to mash things up with Wisconsin Potatoes! Ce la vie!

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Spudly Says...!

Spudly is cooking up some Wisconsin Potatoes….and maybe some trouble….with Brian in the kitchen!

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Spudly Writes a Recipe

Spudly’s friends need his help jotting down a Wisconsin Potatoes recipe. Is he up to the task?

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Spudly Cooks! Or tries to....

Spudly is at it in the kitchen again. This time, Brian is trying to help him roast Wisconsin Potatoes. Can he pull this one off?

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Charlie Berens has the latest on Wisconsin Potato nutrition and why you should be sure to Buy Local and Buy Wisconsin!

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Lower Carbon Footprint

Charlie Berens shares why it’s important to Buy Local and Buy Wisconsin Potatoes.

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Research and Sustainability

Science plays a huge role in getting Wisconsin Potatoes to your dinner plates. Just ask Charlie Berens!

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Agriculture is a very technologically-advanced industry. Isn’t it Charlie Berens?

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Most Varieties

Wisconsin is the 3rd largest potato-producing state, but also has another bragging point according to Charlie Berens.

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Economic Impact

Charlie Berens knows how impactful Wisconsin Agriculture is to the state!

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Wisconsin Potato Salad!

Charlie Berens and his mom share healthy and humorous banter as they work together to make potato salad using Wisconsin Potatoes!

There’s a New Spud in Town!

Well cripes alfrighty – there’s a new spud in town. And Ope! He sure has his work cut out for him after going through the Wisconsin Spudmobile!

Thank you for Buying Wisconsin Potatoes!

Wisconsin farmers work hard to produce food for our family dinner tables! When you buy local, you are supporting your local economy and helping farmers feed your family.

Wisconsin Potatoes Power Performance

Wisconsin Potatoes are perfect for preparing your body for and recovering from activity! With the high levels of nutritional benefits they provide naturally, you can’t go wrong!

Wisconsin Thanks the Farmer

Learn about the importance and impact of Wisconsin agriculture in seconds with this fantastic commercial, brought to you by Wisconsin’s potato and vegetable growers!

From Field to Fork

From Field to Fork, Wisconsin Potatoes provide the most nutrients per penny! Learn more about America’s favorite vegetable right here!

Real Wisconsin Potatoes; Real Performance

Wisconsin Potatoes have it all! They naturally provide the fuel your body needs to power through any kind of activity, whether you are an elite athlete or simply like to stay physically active on a regular basis!