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Wisconsin Potato Growers Produce Commercial about Agriculture

May 4th, 2015 | Posted in: Spudmobile

The WPVGA Promotions Committee is once again partnering with Mad Dog and Merrill through a sponsorship in 2015, one that includes a 30-second commercial dedicated to Wisconsin Potatoes.

The commercial, which will appear in every episode of Mad Dog and Merrill for the 2015 season, is geared toward showing the public how vast the agricultural industry is in Wisconsin.

Showing the extent and importance of agriculture in Wisconsin was an easy feat thanks to the help of members from WPVGA’s Associate Division, as well as several potato growers themselves. Dick Okray, of Okray Family Farms in Plover, begins the commercial in front of the Spudmobile by explaining the economic benefits and employment opportunities agriculture provides in Wisconsin. He also mentions how farmers create relationships with local businesses to run and operate their farms.

At this time in the commercial, several Associate Division members “thank the farmer” while in their respective work environments. At the end of the commercial, a group of growers appears in front of the Spudmobile once again and “thank you [the public] for buying Wisconsin potatoes.” It’s a creative way to feature one of Wisconsin’s healthiest vegetables while also showing how many people are directly and indirectly involved in putting food on families plates.

Be sure to check your local listings for the Mad Dog and Merrill “Midwest Grill’n” TV Show! And check out this link to see the commercial on Facebook.

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